How Social Media is (Wrongly!) Damaging Your Pack and Ship Business…

These days, virtually everyone is aware of how powerful social media has become and the size megaphone it provides to “squeaky wheels”.  In a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 95% of respondents who claimed to have a bad experience said they told someone about it, and those respondents were 50% more likely to share their experience on social media or online review sites than were those who had good experiences.

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The scariest fact is:

86% of respondents who read negative reviews
claimed that the information affected their buying decision.


That means you could be doing a great job for a majority of your customers, and you may even think you are doing a great job for the seemingly unhappy ones, but their perception of the job you did becomes not just their, but YOUR reality – and that reality is going to affect your bottom line.

In the specialty packaging, crating and shipping industry, we know that the customers in both the consumer and commercial space are utilizing the services of one of these pack/ship companies because they are relying on their experience, expertise, convenience and attention to detail.  Often, they are moving items of importance and value, and usually with a timeframe expectation.

We took a look at online reviews for three nationally recognized franchise-based models that offer these services and used data that we discovered from Yelp and other online review sites.  Here’s what we found:

Out of the 93 posted reviews, 74% of them were negative.  Did each of these negative reviewers truly have a bad experience?  Clearly they perceived that they did, and wanted the world to know.  Could it be possible that only 26% of these 3 companies’ customers are satisfied?  Not likely – but they are unlikely to post.

Since we know from the previously referenced study that 86% of potential customers are affected by negative online reviews, the name of the game is to identify the key common complaint factors and find ways to eliminate or mitigate the issues ahead of time without overburdening the service provider and driving costs even further up.

In evaluating the online complaints, there were three primary commonalities: communications, price and damage.  More than 70% of the references to the largest source of complaints – communications – included one or more of not knowing where the shipment was, missed delivery dates, or items arriving when no one was available to receive them.

One of the biggest challenges facing these pack/ship companies is reacting to the inbound requests from customers for item location.  There’s more than just the time that these requests take, many of these pack/ship companies simply don’t even have the immediate insight into the current position of the shipment to answer the question to their customer even if they wanted to! Most often, they are relying on 3PL (third party logistics) carriers and the insufficient information that gets relayed back from that subcontracted trucker.

The answer to keep customers happy, reduce online complaints and poor reviews, and grow your stable of repeat clients is a fairly simple formula:

  • Set clear expectations.
  • Know where customers stuff is (at all times)
  • Provide pro-active communication.

If pack/ship companies truly want to reduce bad reviews, keep customers happy, and gain repeat business, then the steps above are a great first start.

While it may seem like a tall order, the technology is available to enable you to take these steps.

For example, HEAT offers solutions that:

  • Provide your end customers limited visibility in near-real time to be able to see where their items are in the transit path without the pack/ship company having to do anything – while the customer obtains timely communications with valuable information
  • Send automatic notifications when a truck/package/delivery is approaching its destination, expediting the process and giving the right people a timely “head’s up”
  • Automatically monitor the handling of the cargo and send you alerts about possible damage (handling or environmental) so that you can investigate and proactively contact the customer before they open their items and find the damage on their own.

To learn more about the High End Asset Tracking (HEAT) solutions, and see how this revolutionary platform can help you transform your business, contact us at for an initial consultation and platform demonstration.

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