Put Data to Work


critical component to business operations is keeping track of your assets.  Assets may be components in your inventory and shipments to clients, your vehicles or other large scale property or even your personnel.  Knowing where all of your investments are and feeling confident that they are where they are supposed to be is a great way to establish peace of mind, but it is only a small portion of what is capable when you begin to put HEAT technology to use.

We continue to find new ways to empower our customers by pushing the envelope of our devices and the data we can extract in order to increase efficiency and give insight into their operations improving their performance.

For example, knowing where porta-potty units are deployed is important; sometimes they are on construction sites for weeks, months or even years and it is apparently easier than you think to lose track of where these units are.  Our trackers are a great answer to that base problem – long-life self-powered GPS trackers that tell our client exactly where their inventory is.  But where HEAT adds real value is finding ways to improve their operations.

Every porta-potty needs to be serviced (I am sure you would agree!).  But there is no way to know how often – no one is standing there keeping count of how many times the unit has been used!  You can certainly establish a routine schedule to go and service each unit on a timed basis (which by the way – our system can keep track of and provide reminders for).  But what happens if you go out every 4 weeks to service a unit that is only being used infrequently?  Over time, you could end up spending a lot of deployment hours and resources over-servicing.  Or think of the opposite situation – not servicing it anywhere near often enough based on use (we’ll stop right there and leave it to your imagination).

HEAT’s solution was to leverage motion detection to monitor the number of times the door opens and closes.  Based on some simple automated calculations and automated custom report generation, unique insights are gained.  Looking at volume usage then allowed that customer to more strategically plan service intervals as well as logical, efficient routing for those service calls.

What about rental or demo equipment?  Obviously, it is extremely important to know where your corporate-owned assets are, especially when they are loaned or rented out so that you can keep inventory shrinkage to a minimum.  But what if you could not only know where these assets are, but also receive automated reminders if they are out too long at a customer location and haven’t been shipped back?  HEAT has the ability to monitor how long your assets are at the loaner/rental location and automatically alert your inventory  manager when durations are exceeded.  Even better, our system can provide alerts to recipients at both ends when the assets are arriving or departing, all through our system automation improving the communication channel and service levels without intervention or time from your staff.

Perhaps you run a service organization and quick response to your customers’ service needs are critical to your performance measurements.  Our SAT (smart appliance tracker) mobile device applet is a great way to know where your technicians are without having to make a hundred phone calls of “Dude – where are you?”.  That’s only a first step though – and where our gurus begin to further advance your cause.  Using our software we can help you route those technicians in the most efficient way possible to their service destination.  The system can easily distribute electronic directions to the field personnel.  Establishing geo-bound rules, we can help you set up rules to alert your customer of the arrival of that service tech (and the departure time if they want to know that too).  Behind the scenes, we can push that data to your own internal systems to monitor response times, site service durations and any other KPI that are important for your business evaluations or subcontractor management.  We’ve had the pleasure of running call centers in the past and know the resources involved with check-in/check-out procedures – our systems and know-how can streamline the process and reduce overhead significantly.

These are just a few simple examples of how you can put technology to work for you.  The essentials are evaluating your business work flow, measuring the performance of the team and equipment throughout the process and then evaluating the data in order to improve – improve your team, improve your efficiency for more personal time and improve your bottom line.  HEAT has the expertise and insight to be the perfect partner on that road.

We have had a few customers say “we actually don’t want to prove how badly we are doing!”.



Don’t bury your head in the sand!