Retailers – Can you trust your distribution centers and outside logistics?

Full truckload theft is not the leading loss of cargo – a majority of the freight crimes are “opportunistic” with theft occurring from trailers stored overnight or from warehouses. Simply put – tracking only at the vehicle level is not sufficient to protect your merchandise. And sadly, with organized retail crime, many of the perpetrators involve insiders who have workarounds for standard surveillance and access systems. HEAT tags are small and discrete and provide you with the best opportunity for immediate notification and assistance with recovery.  Ideal for mitigating organized retail crime, cargo hijacking and theft between distribution centers.

97% of surveyed retailers by the National Retail Federation say they have been victims of organized retail crime

More than one-third of retailers say they have experienced cargo-related theft in the past 12 months

Estimates now range in the $80-billion area for cargo and warehouse related theft

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