HT4000 Motorcycle Tracker


HT4000 micro-GPS Vehicle Tracker

The HEAT HT4000 is a multi-purpose, waterproof micro-GPS vehicle tracking solution ideal for motorcycle and recreational vehicle applications.  The HT4000 is fully compatible with all of the HEATTrack platform features including geofencing, bread-crumb history, routing distances and real time positioning.  It enables  alerting for motion, entry/exit, speed and many other parameters.  Ideal for fleet or personal vehicles, motorcyles or golf cart applications (with optional transformer).  This unit can monitor ignition status and can perform remote ignition-kill actions with an optional relay kit.

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Ideal for motorcycles, golf carts and recreational craft with 12v power supplies.  Must purchase either the HT3050T or HT4060T to use safely in golf cart applications.

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HT4000 Vehicle Tracker



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