Where’s my stuff???

Moving is an incredibly stressful time.  You are uprooting your entire life, scrambling to put it all in boxes and trying to find someone you can trust to get all of household items to your new location and new life.  Sometimes that move is just around the corner, but most times it is interstate and involves storage.  So how do you know where all of your worldly possessions are?  Especially those heirlooms and irreplaceables that insurance could never replace.  HEAT Personal Moving Protection can track your stuff and send you real-time alerts for movement and possible theft, empowering you with a new level of control the movers never knew you would have!

15% of consumer complaints filed against movers involved hostage goods

In 2012, BBB received over 1.4 million  moving related inquiries and more than 9,300 complaints against movers.  Complaints included damaged or missing items…

A con artist with just a truck and a website can claim to be a legitimate mover with unfortunate results for consumers

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