The show can’t go on if one of the crates is missing – do you know where it is?

Live events and exhibits are mission critical experiences for your customers.  There is a huge investment for the booth space, the transportation costs and the booth production.  If one critical piece is missing, it is a potential disaster for your client.  HEAT products allow you to keep an eye on each package or crate en route to the convention center, providing you an ability to act to exceptions in advance of finding out too late that the one crate wasn’t on the truck.

Time/date location stamps prove if the shipper is missing your delivery window

Confidence in knowing your products were handled safely and stored securely

Provide your client visibility into the process reinforcing your credibility and precision

Download our brochure on how to monetize the HEAT solution as a value-added service for your exhibit company.  Learn how to not only add a new, highly profitable revenue stream to your business, but differentiate yourself from the competition and extend the trust of your customer.