The HEAT Story...
personal items lost stolen

“I just tried calling the movers to schedule the delivery and the phone number doesn’t work anymore!”

That’s how my day started one Tuesday morning when I answered my cell phone.  My wife called me, in a near panic.   We were in the process of moving from New Jersey to South Carolina.  Construction on our new home was just finishing up and it was time to get our belongings out of their 3 month storage hibernation and set up a delivery date.

“What do you mean the number doesn’t work anymore?”  I asked incredulously.

“I called the number and a new business answered.  They said they just got this phone number and people have been trying to find our mover but they have no idea who that company is.  What are we going to do???”

For two weeks while we tried to figure out where our stuff was, we began to run every possible scenario.  Did they steal all of our stuff?  Did they sell my tools….our appliances…our furniture?  What about my grandma’s china that she left me?  How could we possibly even replace everything?

The move was already more expensive than estimated.  If we had to replace everything, it would be financially out of the question.  And what about those things that you can’t put a value on?

As I spent those weeks trying to find everything, I found so many horror stories about other people who had their items stolen and never recovered.  I began to understand the unimaginable scale of cargo theft in general and the opportunities in the commercial sector and I thought…there has to be a better way.

We developed a solution that allows companies to track their assets down to the package level.  FedEx can tell you where your item was last but we can tell you where that item is NOW.  Your trucking company might be able to tell you where the truck is – but they can’t be sure your pallet is on that truck.

The combination of our hardware and software solutions allows you near-real time access and insight into your assets.  It allows you to monitor theft, material handling compliance, deviations from routes and unauthorized movements.  But it also helps you enhance your planning and increase communications and productivity – receiving alerts when items are getting near a destination so you can be ready as one example.  Let the experts at HEAT help you understand how we can Cover Your Assets!

Now…where the heck is my couch….